SliderMania Nature


Solve beautiful puzzles in the least amount of time possible


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SliderMania Nature is a new version of the classic puzzles based on sliding tiles around a board, but adds a new twist to increase the difficulty and the challenge.

Don’t let the beautiful and relaxing landscape images fool you, because SliderMania Nature is one of the most difficult challenges you could face. Test your logic and spatial skills by completing the more than 14 images within the 6 different difficulty levels. The difficulty of each level is based on the amount of pieces that make up the image.

SliderMania Nature includes two different game modes: ‘timer off’ for those relaxing moments when your main challenge is just to finish the puzzle. This mode has no limits to time or movements. Then there’s ‘timer on’ that puts you in a race against a clock and you have to try to beat it using the fewest movements possible.

Have fun while you exercise your brain with SliderMania Nature.
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